Behind the scenes, a glimpse of the upcoming update.

Hey all. it’s been a bit over 2 weeks since we posted the game to Pirate Softwares Game Jam.The judges are still wading through the 1404 games submitted there so we need to wait a few moments more for the results to be judged. In the mean while.The development of  Galactic Neon Blitz has been […]

Participation for the Pirate Software Game Jam 2024

This our participation entry to the Pirate Software Game Jam in January 2024 Alone in the desolate reaches of space, you, the last remaining Neon Blitz pilot, faced an overwhelming onslaught of viral globules threatening your home system. Battling through infected territories and haunted cosmic landscapes, your retro-fitted spacecraft could finally reach the colossal, corrupted […]

Brick City going forward

Hello followers! Brick City hasn’t seen any updates lately but fear not, the game is still on our todo-list. We’re intending to make a lot of optimizations for sprites and gameplay mechanics. When we’ve done those we’re going to add a level editor to the game. The editor is meant to create a city of […]

New and improved with faster loading

The usability has been rewritten and wiring is done with Right Mouse button and drag/Toggle is done with Left Mouse Button.This is only for desktop and browser versions, the android version will be updated on a later date. All new and faster loading system has been implemented as well as GDevelop now supports lazy loading.

New faster loading

New faster loading of the game is applied as GDevelop supports lazy loading.

New and improved with faster loading.

A huge amount of bugs were fixed and should now work on the downloadables as well.Lazy loading makes the game start almost instant which is really nice. Enjoy <3

A little update to include fast lazy loading <3

As GDevelop introduced a new immensely faster lazy loadin system I made an update that supports that so you can start enjoying the game MUCH faster than before. (Initial loading time is now about 90% faster).

New versions are up and available.

New bug fixed versions are now available since the Game Jam voting period has passed.Loads of improvements and bug fixes made to sound system, optimization, NPC behaviour, City scape and much much more. And we’re not stopping there.The game is under constant development from now on as our main project so improvements and expansions to […]

Season of Jolly is here!

It’s the time of the Jolly season! Rocket Santa is here again For this month until the 30th a seasonal event of Rocket Santa is again at your hands to try out to achieve the top score in Rocket Racers

Controller support added and some tweaks in performance.

Well… It happened that a thing has been done… Arcadia: Neon Dreams has now full support for Controllers and KB/M. Have fun ❤️ City KB/M: WASD / arrow keys to move. Shift to Run. LMB/Space to activate. ESC to quit (Executable game). Controller: Arrows or Left stick, Move. Right stick, Look. L2/R2, Run. A to […]

Massive update and bug fixes

Huge amount of bug fixed as well as added more content and playability. Music triggers fixed. Car flying on low end platforms problem fixed. FPS camera turning player neck around fixed. Malibu Hot Chase has opposing traffic now too. Perestroika Pioneers has a ocean surface and enemy sub functionality was fixed as well as some […]

Game Jam entry of the year.

It’s finally here. Do you remember the time, when you first stepped into an arcade. Full with those marvelous cabinets with colorful games. The sweet, loud cacophony of Music and sound effects with an occasional cheer in the crowd. Those moments, almost lost in time are now yours to touch, In Arcadia: Neon Dreams. A […]

Huge update, level save and more.

Fantastic news to you all. Logica has been updated with several improvements and changes.– Passed levels are now saved so you can go back to them without needing to rebuild every time.– There is now a component inventory on the bottom that is used to store the needed components.– Some changes to color scheme in […]

Some major improvements and lots of bugfixes.

Improvements made.– Added Vcc (Main power + ) and Gnd (Main power -) to the logic gates to indicate where they are getting their power to work even without input connections. – There is also a difficulty setting set up that you can toggle that will pop random input signals when the inputs are not […]

ElectroBoom update is live.

The ElectroBoom update includes the electric shocks when you try to wire live components.Mobile versions have a magnifying glass abote the touch position to show what’s under your finger.Loads of bug fixes and improvements made.New effects and sounds added. The game will continue to be updated regularly so keep following for more.

The results are out and we did GREAT!

The results of the GDevelop big Game Jam #4 are out and we did really good. For the community votes we situated to 26th place out of 216 games.For the judges vote we came in 5th place!!! Can’t believe how well we actually made in the votes considering the game was made in 2.5 days […]

Revert back to Game Jam state!

Reverted back to game Jam version as there was a judges pick still to be coming in the Game Jam that needed the actual Game Jam versions. So after those are over, I’ll bring the Actual version back, but for now ENJOY the Game Jam version.

Post Game Jam release is LIVE!

Major rewrite of the game from the Game Jam version has been done.The whole tutorial system was redone.Most of the game mechanics and logic code was redone.Lots of eye candy added.Settings are now added and working.More expandable save game system implemented for future proof expansion. Some bugs still prevail, they are on the ToDo list, […]

Loads of stuff added in the game.

More improvements added to the game. – There are now 8 levels in the game.– Lamps have a nice radiant effect when lit.– Winning conditions display refined.– Added Level Back and Forward buttons.– Game is now saved every time you pass a level so you can continue playing later on where you left off.

Preliminary release of the game ahead of time.

The game base is not about done and there is still plenty of time to craft more levels and some eye candy and other shenanigans tomorrow. I hope you all like the game prototype as it is now and keep coming back for more content later on.

Big update after GDevelop got a big engine update.

GDevelop got a major update on it’s 3d engine so we had to convert the old project to handle the new additions and changes. Took a better part of the day but it’s now finished.Also worked on tweaking the distance culling a bit better.Lights and shadows were tweaked a bit too.Antialiasing is now added, goodbye […]

Some major improvements and updates made.

The update today includes some nice additions. Distance culling of objects to optimize the performance a bit. Tweaked the distance fog so it doesn’t look like air in Beijing. Animated transparent water all over 2d AND 3d. Made the waves and sprinkles and player shadow to move with the waves on ocean. Reflections on ocean […]

Post Jam bug fixes.

Some annoying bugs were found and fixed.Made some optimization too.And added more frames to ocean wave animations.

Results are out!

Yay to us! We placed 2nd out of 120 games in the GDdevelop 3d Game Jam. Huge thanks to Cillian “Fatal Exit” Clifford for 3d modeling and Annette “Troisnyx” Walker for the wonderful OST. It was really fun making this game with the new 3d possibilites of Gdevelop that were added just prior to the […]

Release! for the GDevelops 3d Game Jam

It’s here! Our entry to GDevelop 3D Game Jam 2023. What a tight week it has been.Incredible huge thanks to Cillian and Annette for their impeccable and talented work on 3D and composing music.As well as kicking me in the royal butt to keep going. Have at it, enjoy your stay on Sunny Vale.

Post Jam bug fix release

It’s here! Post Jam release. Bug fixes done.– Touch screen left not working, fixed– A for left not working, fixed– Wrong music in levels 1,2,3, fixed– Video playback issues, fixed Not yet done.– On desktop game exit only via Alt+F4 (windows, no idea what the command on kill app is in Mac / Linux).

Optimization and fixed some major bugs

Some bugs were fixedIf destroyed between transitions from one edge to another the object was locked outside of playable area, fixed Some major optimization made, asset sizes went down to 2/3 of the original size.

RE-rendered some graphics and new compression

Buildings and some other assets were re-rendered to use a smaller footprint on sprite sizes optimizing the game quite a bit. All of the graphics were also compressed with a new compressing program that we found resulting HUGE savings on asset sizes. Shadow casting tweaked so the shadows have soft edges now.

Slight after Jam update to fix some bugs

The missing lighting layer has been activated.Enemies not spawning at the end fixed.Enemies reaction distance increased so they notice the player earlier.Bugged stuck moving of obstacles if done in different order fixed.Some unnoticeable minor bugs and stuff fixed.

The results are out!

We got to 29th place out of 290 entries with honorable mention from the judges in Gdevelop Game Jam #3 <3 What makes this so awesome for us is that the game we made was A genre we’ve never done before (strong story line driven).Visual style is totally out of expertise that we’ve done before […]

VERY productive all nighter…

Rami invigorated from his long nap on Saturday and having his high gear on managed to build the town almost half way. Also added a lot of more mechanics like moving objects and answering phone calls depending situations.Dumpster fires are now burning.End game and bad outcome triggers were finally fully included.Serious optimization and reworked spawning […]

Near end pg Jam anxiety and exhaustion…

Rami went exhausted. Had to sleep to evening to recuperate from prior days IRL load.BUT, managed to start making the game after a good nap.Cillian did some nice models for windows, doors and bushes.Teemu made some sprite adjustments to character sprite batches.We were able to fix the bugging collisions for enemies pushing each others through […]

Lots of work done, still loads to do…

Reworked the NPC behaviour and optimized the excess clutter away. NPC body types and clothing colors change individually.Pushing NPC will stagger them so they are not able to pursue you for a few seconds.More town created, including a park.Game over events added with end game thoughts.

Small town building made possible

All character portraits are done and implemented in the game, Great work Teemu! Rami got his turbo gear on and crafted a lot of 3d rendered assets in the game as well as made the npc movement mechanics, actions and hitting / pushing possible for both player and the npc. Cillian managed to make a […]

It’s starting to look like a game

All scene 1 dialogues are now inserted, translittered and timestamped in the game. Rendered a lot of new graphics and introduced enemy characters in to the play. New obstacle handler fine tuned and player entering behind an obstacle now get’s opacity shifted so you can see what you’re doing behind the obstacle, providing nice hidden […]

Project took a leap

Today we got some help from our fellow GDevlop Game Jam participant in the form of critical (to us) setup of a blender render setup so Rami could start the 3d models for sprites. A few models were made and included in the game as well as coded the collisions and fading object when player […]

Project after the weekend

Fixed some stuff in login scene, pinpointed problems in phone conversations that were fixed. Movement, activation, phone calls, animation fine tuning and camera movement done. Phone dialogues and timings for stage 1 are done, fine tuned the audio levels a bit. Struggling with graphical look and pondered different choices and directions needed to be done […]

Project is creeping on

Cillian made the excellent phone calls dialogues a reality for the 1st story, totally awesome. Teemu made graphical research finding proper fonts to use as well as wizarded up the nice cityscape for main scene.He also wrote more story line and made additions to the Game Design Document. Rami Finished up the login scene, it […]

Project continuation

Today Rami has been dabbling with Blender and setting up the main scene, Credits, News section. Cillian did a few excellent tracks for the game and Teemu was chugging away some story line dialogues for Cillian to master.

GDevelop Game Jam #3 Project start

This is our collaborative participation entry from Tulenväki Productions and Fatal Exit for GDevelop Game Jam #3. Rami, Teemu and Cillian bunched up together to brainstorm a game after the theme of SEPARATION was announced late Friday night in 2023.01.27

Start of the year bugfixes…

Start of a new year with some bugfixes. – The seasonal events have ended for now with some bugs preventing starting the game at points. Fixed now.

Happy New Year! <3

Happy new year! New years seasonal event is now online. What’s new?– Added a few new voice lines and sound effects as well as new seasonal player rocket.– New Years seasonal event will last from 30.12. – 2.1.