Slight update on visuals.

I added an alpha blended wavy reflective water in the pond at the park.Also Dave now wanders around more coherently sometimes sitting on the bench.More stuff made in the game already that aren’t visible in this stage of the development o be revealed.I’m working on some scenes to be added in Dave’s story and surroundings and I’m remaking the graphics as well bit by bit. Stay tuned […]

Todays progress

Today I managed to advance on  Dave quite a bit. I made wavy alpha blended reflective water and put Stan swimming in it while Dave sat on the bench brooding…Also I scripted a few of the scenes that are going to be in the game in one for or another.

A new game with a new approach to making games.

First devlog on my newest game to be. Dave: Thought Patterns is a story driven tale of Dave and his turbulent struggle to survive with the depths of his broken mind.A game telling of suffering and coping with depression with constant self reflecting inner mind, thoughts circling around wearing Dave down again and again, trying […]