The Galactic Republic is under attack.

You are commander Gunnar Larsson, a test pilot in experimental space technology division of the Galactic Republic.  You’re on a test flight of a new ship prototype. The mission is to test the ships capabilities against multiple enemy ships attacking at once. While you’re armed only with target painting lasers, you get attacked by an unknown enemy force. As the action gets real and your training squardon gets wiped out one by one, you rely on your skills and the experimental ship to collect enough nanites from the debris to fabricate real weapons for the ship. As you unveil more information of the assailants, the Republic intelligence reveals that they are called the Kzik, an isectoid race looking for expanding their boundaries.

The hunt for Kzik begins…

Arch Nemesis is an homage to 1980’s great side scrolling shoot’em ups like Konami’s Nemesis series: Nemesis, Nemesis 2, Nemesis 3 and Salamander.

Arch Nemesis

Shoot'em up

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