Borvariakorttipeli II is a new and improved version of the first Borvariakorttipeli game master tool for Praedor role playing game.

The software is meant to be used with the second edition of the Praedor rules.  There’s no embedded rule system in the software but the game master handles the rule side of the game. You can use the software with older versions of the role playing game because the differences regarding the card game between first and second edition are minor. Also some of the character stats have changed a bit.

The game supports full multiplayer wherethe GM starts the game and players join it with their clients. Voice communication isn’t included so use Discord or some other voice communication software.

Praedor (c) Petri Hiltunen – Praedor logo, ouroboros, coins, and game cards are used with permission.

Praedor – Roolipeli Jaconian seikkailijoista role playing game (c) Ville Vuorela.

Borvariakorttipeli II

Game master tool

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This software is in early alpha stages and is very likely get a total rewrite before release.