Teemu’s first released GDevelop project. Borvariakorttipeli was made for the Praedor roleplaying game as a free game master’s tool for managing the Borvaria adventure card game on computer.

The aim is to make managing the card game easy for games played over the internet using Discord, Google Meet or the ungodly Microsoft equivalent.


If you don’t like to download unknown software for the internet, use this link to open the tool in browser window:


The tool has support for the major computer operating systems. All the downloadable games are version 1.1.

Both Windows and OSX versions might block installation of the software because the game has not been digitally signed for the operating systems. Please check instructions below the download button on how to bypass the warnings.

Installing the Windows version might cause Windows Defender SmartScreen notification to pop up. To circumvent the error, click More Info and select Run anyway -button.


OSX version will prevent the software to be installed. Please check here on how to circumvent the error. Methods 3 or 4 should work.


Linux version has been packaged as AppImage, which should work on most Linux distributions. Check out more about AppImages here.
Basically after download open terminal and:
$ chmod 755 Borvariakorttipeli.AppImage

If there’s errors on launching the software, you can try to run in without sandboxing:

$ ./Borvariakorttipeli.AppImage --no-sandbox


Game master tool

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Borvariakorttipeli is Tulenväki Productions’ first GDevelop release. It is a game master tool for Praedor role playing game.