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We’re participating to GameDev.JS Game Jam 2024 with our new game ElectriCity.

GameDevJS Game Jam 2024 Logo

Here is some great news.

We participated to GameDev.JS Game Jam 2024 with our new game ElectriCity.
It was a fantastic run of 2 weeks to make the game from scratch with the theme of “Power”.

The story.
In the heart of the bustling City, where it’s pulse beats strongest, stood Stan, the seasoned city electrician.

There has been a sudden power surge in the power grid that broke almost all of the lighting in the City.

For Stan, this was more than just a job. It was a testament to his unwavering dedication to the city he called home.
Each flickering streetlamp and darkened storefront, served as a reminder of the task at hand.

It’s time for Stan to step up and fix the City’s power grid before the dusk, so that the City might be lit in the dark again.

Screenshot - Main scene
Screenshot – Main scene

Tools that we used to make the game.
GDevelop of course as a game engine.
Blender for 3d modeling.
Gimp & Photoshop for 2d graphics.
Elevenlabs for Voice lines.
Udio for music.
Audacity for audio editing and SFX creation.

And if you are interested in testing out and starting to use Elevenlabs for spoken audio that pays the voice actors when you use their voice models to make the speech, then by all means help us out and use our Affiliate link.