Moons Embrace, Lunar Lander Reimagined

In the year 2069, a hundred years after the great Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, humanity has manged to settle it’s pale satellite and began to explore it’s secrets.

Huge advancements in sciences and technology had been taken since those times and it was decided to send a centennial celebration rocket to moon to commemorate the first steps human kind took on it’s surface.

But during your trek between the stellar bodies you got an urgent message from Höystön, a newly formed Space agency in the deep Savo of Finland.

“Apollo 101, come in!
All communications to moon base were abruptly cut off after some calamity and the sounds of chaos.

Be careful, scout the base perimeters and try to get contact with the personnel there and relay your findings earthbound post haste!

Höystön out!

Moons Embrace


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This is our participation to the Typical Game Jam.
We managed to push the submit in only 5min 32sec before the deadline.
Please enjoy the game.