FInal leg of the GDevelop Game Jam

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Version 1.0 released just in the nick of time
It’s almost time for the Game Jam to end..
FInal leg of the GDevelop Game Jam

It’s been a hell of a week making this game on this game jam.

We started on Friday morning of 11.02.22 and released a working demo today in Friday evening 18.02.22.
There definitely are bugs to be found, it’s only limited 2 playable levels, no score board or options yet.
BUT it works also on mobile devices, albeit with limited functionality which are to be addressed later on.

Enjoy our first game jam production ever and please leave feedback of it 😉
Still 2 more days to go for bug hunting/fixing and late late late editing.

Rami & Teemu
Tulenväki Productions