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Game Jam over and lts of bugfixes.

TheScore Space gamejam #18 results are here and we placed 26th place out of 126 participants.

The jam was awesome and had loads of really great games.

The game has been updated with lots of bug fixes and improvements.
Global Scoreboard now shows the 1st place as it should display.
Lots of sound problems were fixed.
Some stuck behaviours fixed.
Huge amount of optimization done.

Added speech events when completing the course and getting a record or failing miserably.
Added an achievement with a visible reward when you get sub 5 second record from the course.

Next in line on development.

LOTS of more stuff in the works, more levels, more variety to the levels as well as moving obstacles.
More achievements and rewards.
Rework of the control system for mobile devices.
Gamepad support coming up soon ™.