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The results are out!

We got to 29th place out of 290 entries with honorable mention from the judges in Gdevelop Game Jam #3 <3

What makes this so awesome for us is that the game we made was
A genre we’ve never done before (strong story line driven).
Visual style is totally out of expertise that we’ve done before (pre-rendered 3d orthographic view).
Mechanics we never done with our games before (top down with AI enemies and modifiable environment).

Cillian did such an awesome job with the music and dialogue.

The game will now be going under total rewrite so we can achieve our vision fully as intended with all of the 3 stories made.
all of the 3 stories will have character switching to give more depth and feel to the game play.
More dialogue lines.
More items and ways to manipulate, move, experiment the environment in way to stop the hordes reaching the player.
More graphics variety.
More effects.
More dangers.
And especially a full game with rich engaging story line with multiple endings for each story.

The first story already has two possible endings (though atm a bit bugged but they will be fixed in time for the game jam version too).

We hope you enjoyed this game and come back to the finished game when it is ready…