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Game Jam entry of the year.

It’s finally here.

Do you remember the time, when you first stepped into an arcade.
Full with those marvelous cabinets with colorful games.
The sweet, loud cacophony of Music and sound effects with an occasional cheer in the crowd.
Those moments, almost lost in time are now yours to touch,

In Arcadia: Neon Dreams.

A beginning of a game project to play various arcade games in an arcade.
There are three game cabinets that you can play games at this point that is released for the Aviator Game Jam.

– Hyperwave Havoc is a old style shoot em up bullet hell with a touch of modern look as well as the 80’s neon retro style.
– Malibu Hot Chase is a racing game in Malibu areas (only one playable stage at this moment).
– Perestroika Pioneers: A take on the 88 era Soviet crisis in a bit humorous way (The submarine scene is ready, others are to be added later).

Other game experiences are coming up as soon as we make them so keep following us 😉