Gamer and small time programming hobbyist since 1983.
My first coding experiences started with Basic on Spectrum ZX48 when I was a kid and I later on moved to PC with Basic, Turbo Pascal and some Assembly before I had a long hiatus on coding stuff.
Unreal Engine came as my interest in 2015 or so and I ended up using it mainly on designing my home layout and look before the actual work on it.
I started to learn GDevelop in the fall of 2020 to make aa undisclosed cute as hell platformer game envisioned back in the 90’s with Teemu.
In 2021 spring I got into it a bit more and made the early prototype of Super Harrasser game which is still lingering under production since I had a huge creative boost Christmas 2021 and have since made quite many games and successfully participated on a few game jams too

Released games:

      • Jet Pac: Full Spectrum Astronaut – A re-imagined version of the game Jet Pac from Ultimate Play the Game from 1983.
        This game was the first that I had on our Spectrum ZX48 computer back in the day and I played it hours and hours with my sister. Such fond memories. Coding and Graphics by Rami with some Graphics help by Teemu.
      • Brick City: Earthquake Rescue – Tulenväki Productions submission for 1st GDevelop GameJam. Game engine coding by Rami. Global highscore system coding, level design and graphics by Teemu. The game won 2nd place of overall ratings in the GameJam.
      • Great Attractor – Mass Ejector – Tulenväki Productions submission for ScoreSpace Jam #18. The game was 26th place out of the jams 126 participants. The idea of the jam was to make a game in 72h with the theme Magnet. Game engine coding and graphics by Rami. Global highscore system coding and some graphics help by Teemu.
      • D.I.C.E.  – Destroy Incoming Crappy Enemies was our contribution to the  GMTK Gamejam 2022 to make a game in 48h where it placed 1769/6137.
        An updated version of the game placed in
        2nd place out of 52 entries in the Post Jam “Jam” #5.
        The development of the game continues and new updates are made on weekly basis.

In development:

      • Lunar Express – A reimagined classic game Lunar Lander from 1979.
      • Dave: Thought Patterns – A game to be telling a tale of Dave and of his turbulent inner struggle to survive the depths of a broken mind.
      • Turbo Rocket – A reimagined homage to the Finnish Amiga game Turboraketti from 1992.
      • Super Harrasser: Multi User Projections – A mash up homage to 80’s and 90’s top down shoot em up genre games like Raptor: Call of the shadow with a twist.