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Planned changes after GameJam

First off: Thank you all for playing our game. We’ve gotten many really nice comments about it and are grateful for your feedback.

Now that the game is out and we’ve played it more, there will be some fixes and changes when the GameJam is done. Some of the fixes are just that. Fixes. We will add new stuff and features too.

Changes to the web page (immediately available)

  • Brick City now has a decent thumbnail image with the game logo now fully visible in frame.

Fixes (will be released after GameJam)

  • We’ve fixed global highscores not fully loading every time. They do now.
  • Talking about highscores. All the profits have € behind them. As it should be.
  • Music looping has been fixed for all platforms
  • Sometimes some bricks will bonk themselves through the ground. That’s fixed now.
  • Move the difficulty settings from under the options menu to the contract at start.

Planned features

  • More particles when stuff happens. Smoke etc.
  • Foreground sprites like trees, animals, cars etc.
  • More city sounds
  • Controller support
  • Better touch interface support, including on-screen keyboard
  • More buildings for the earthquake to destroy and for you to rebuild.
  • Building editor
  • Pro difficulty. We didn’t have the time to implement this before the deadline so we’re trying to get the putting-the-pieces-in-place even more difficult.
  • Pause mode

Once more thank you all for commenting and rating our game!