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GameJam games we’ve really liked (updating list)

Here’s a list of games we’ve found noteworthy and entertaining in the first GDevelop GameJam

  • Antimatter – Cool game with time mechanics
  • Alisa – A game where you rebuild your psyche, avoiding harmful feelings
  • Housing be like – Great physics based tetris-like.
  • Magical Galymoon – Interesting adventure game with golem building and controlling mechanics
  • Djem ball – Really good looking puzzle game which incredible machine vibes
  • Ruined Ruins – Really nice word building puzzle game
  • //TO:DO – What happens when you GDevelop while you GDevelop? This. A realtime coding platformer adventure.
  • Hero Builder – Nice game with good mechanics.
  • Captain Clown Nose’s Lost Map – Puzzle platformer while building your route to lost maps.
  • Attack-HQ – Straight up Coin-up Rampart, and we like it.
  • MonsterFloorBuilder – A game with strong Lemmings vibes that still gives you the time to think.
  • BuildUp – Really good and challenging puzzle game with physics.
  • Colony Crawler – Awesome vehicle builder reminding me of the game Besiege.
  • Microbes – Really cute and addictive little game <3
  • Space Craft: Earth Defence – Build your own ship and defend earth from the enemies.
  • Higher Tow – Extremely nice stacking tower building game.
  • PhyBall 2d – A 2D physics puzzle game that reminds me of The Incredible Machine from the 90’s and it’s great.
  • Techno Towers – A damned fun and well done physics based Tetris / tower builder.
  • Sparkfly – Beautiful visually and musically, with a nice twist on controlling the character via music.
  • Z Gravity Lab Defence – Nice retro style shoot em up that reminds me a bit of Walker from amiga.
  • Wear a helmet – Awesome version of a physics based tower builder.
  • Fix’n Dixn – Nice city repair game with good potential in it. Boss fight was a surprise!
  • Treta Tetris – A great 2 player versus battle Tetris, a must play with a friend!
  • Superstruct – Exceptionally good looking bullet hell!
  • Build and Rebuild – Really nice and easy going village builder / survival game with excellent soundscape.
  • Luminoa – Surprisingly great game, good looking, incredibly good soundtrack and playability is pure gold.

p.s. Try our game: Brick City Earthquake Rescue too. It’s a fun to play block builder game with physics.