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Continuing Brick City development with Building Editor

We’re continuing development of the game with in-game building editor.

GameJam version of the game has prebuilt buildings but they’re all made in GDevelop scene editor. Manually. The process included dragging sprite object to screen, changing its animation number and animation frame, then setting object variable manually to set correct color. This had to be done to every new brick I wanted to place in the scene. Good thing I could replicate existing bricks though. To top it all, I couldn’t see the final building in colors without launching the game with the scene. This resulted the building basically explode when the earthquake started because we already had a building loaded behind the one I wanted to view.

So the new editor.

The idea is that you can build ten buildings and make a city of your own.

The editor is aiming to be easy to use with simple mechanics. You draw a box and it gets filled by a brick with selected style and color. That’s how far the editor is actually progressed right now. Other block manipulation features will include dragging, duplicating and deletion of the blocks on screen. Of course there’s changing drawn block to doors, windows etc.

There will be earthquake simulation so you can see how the building will crumble.

Im planning on saving the ten building city to JSON file which then can be loaded from the main menu contract screen.