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Gamejam release of DICE <3

After intense 48h of coding it’s finally here.

Our participation game for GMTK Gamejam 2022.

You are a flying a last resort fighter craft to attack the crappy enemies behind the asteroid field.
You only have 6 seconds of energy left before your craft is destroyed, but you can postpone it by destroying the asteroids and the enemies to gain a slight amount of precious energy to give a few seconds more to live.

Can you get past the asteroid field and the enemy waves to get to the final boss?

PS: There is a nasty bug that stops spawning the asteroids too early leaving a 15 second gap in spawning enemies.
To get past this void it is suggested to let the white cube like asteroids to pass through as they will respawn to the top when they fall behind you, thus giving you a few asteroids to destroy to leech the precious seconds to get past the void before confronting the enemy forces.