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Some big changes under the hood and reworked Boss damages.

Today I rewrote almost the whole damage dealing system.
It was and still is quite a huge endeavour to sift through and build it while keeping the functioning that I already had done for it.

It’s now way more robust, optimized and error free.

Also, The Boss damage system had a total overhaul.
Not the bosses have 5 hit locations.
left and right wings and cockpit area are the first to go
then the damage mitigates to the Fuselage and at the end creeps to the Core systems.
All of the 5 hit locations are set on fire when the damage to them is enough before the Boss Craft is destroyed.

The 3rd craft is only half way done and I think that the damage system is not all the way reworked that far, but I’ll get back to it later on.