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Behind the scenes, a glimpse of the upcoming update.

Hey all.

it’s been a bit over 2 weeks since we posted the game to Pirate Softwares Game Jam.
The judges are still wading through the 1404 games submitted there so we need to wait a few moments more for the results to be judged.

In the mean while.
The development of  Galactic Neon Blitz has been ongoing at full steam and there are huge leaps made in the game and even more to come.
Here’s some behind the scenes glimpses to wait on when we can finally release the updates.

After the Game Jam version was uploaded The graphics got a total overhaul with UI, Enemies and Particle effects.

Sound design went a total overhaul as well as we made some quality sound effects and included a full voice acting to tell the player what was going on and to advance the story line.

Ah and speaking about story line, All the levels are including a boss fight after each stage with ever increasing difficulty as the boss enemies grow more advanced towards the end.

A lot more has been reworked as well, where the main scene menu is the most prominent one as it pops out at start of the game.
There are now multiple planets that are to be populated with all kinds of enemies, levels, terrains, clouds etc.

Also to be included there are accessibility options for button dialogue for people with bad eyesight or dyslexia, as well as left handed support for controls.
And one of the biggest things for controlling is the full game pad support which also makes the game Steam Deck ready.
Configurable controls are coming up ASAP to support arcade game sets and keyboard too.

We’ve been quite busy.
As Cillian “Fatal Exit” Clifford has written quite a many new tracks for the player to enjoy.
And Rami has been on with Blender modeling the new enemies and UI elements.

Special thanks.
Goes to Teemu and Alex “LevelUpWithAlex” Kay with vigorous betatesting and giving us precious feedback and suggestions for UI/UX and game play aspects and accessibility in mind.

And for the end.
We can’t wait for you all to get your hands on the more complete game that we envisioned.
You just have to wait for 10 more days for the judges voting to end and the results to be announced so we can post an updated version of the game for you all to enjoy.

And we will be continuing the development of the game to be a full game with several explorable planets, a captivating storyline, immersive dialogue and suspicious activities to unfold.

See ya later, be awesome and have fun <3