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The results for Pirate Software Game Jam 14 are out and we’re happy.

We participated in the Pirate Software Game Jam 14
Our game Galactic Neon Blitz got shared #1 on playability with 96 other games which is quite a nice placement out of 1400 games that participated.

A fantastic game jam with so much of awesome games.

A link to our game, we’ve continued and will continue working on it.
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We highly recommend trying out the winning games from Pirate Software Game Jam 14 as well.

= Winners =

You Left Us – 1st

Grandma Don’t Click That! – 2nd

First Break – 3rd

= Honorable Mention =

Oru: The Last Light of Rhekari

= Runner Ups =

Clown Around


It’s Spreading!



D. A-V. E.