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A big update on visuals as well as loads of bugfixes

What has been added?
– Core mechanics for the new enemies and bosses under the hood, yet to be revealed, so to keep you waiting eagerly.
– CRT effect for more authentic 90’s feel (toggled on/off in the settings).
– New voice lines.
– Eased up the easy difficulty by slowing down advancement speed so that the new players won’t feel so overwhelmed at the start.

What has been fixed?
– Game getting stuck in tutorial after the first D4 were triggered to self destruct prematurely.
– Lighting has been reworked and balanced, enemies are now as visible as they were designed to be.
– Loads of under the hood bug fixes that affected playability in miniscule ways on obscure events.

What’s coming up next?
– New enemies are almost done.
– New Bosses are almost done.
– New levels will be revealed with the new enemies that reside in them.