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New ship to fly and deal mayhem, unlock it at Stage 5.

Latest big update is here.

Working Hangar to select your ship.

You now have a new ship to fly (Reach Stage 5 to unlock) and deal mayhem to the crappy enemies with 6 totally new extra weapons.

QUAD mk2
A Heavy slow moving assault craft with 2-5  sweeping point main cannons.

Overdrive – Boost your laser fire rate briefly and wipe out the opposition.
Torpedo – A slow flying heavy duty munitions to clear out the enemies.
Swarm – A fast deployment rate small homing missiles, great for clearing the immediate vicinity.
Repulsor – Push your enemies aside while blasting them to smithereens.
Dual Turret – Hit them near, hit them far, fast rate turrets to help when movement is becoming crowded.
Shields – A 5 hit shield to keep your ship survival up a bit more.

Loads of optimization and bug fixes and a ton of new bugs I’m quite certain.